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The NFTs Video Games revolution

It is impossible to deny that we are living a major technological shift with the whole world changing every day and new opportunities and services that seemed impossible yesterday becoming routines. NFT games may seem like a completely unknown field to many, but the idea of earning reward in-game is not new at all. If scratched a little beneath the surface, it is obvious that NFT games are not a completely new concept but a shift in the traditional gaming approach towards a more beneficial for the player system.

Games have become an unseparated part of the everyday life of many people and attract more and more new users, so the reinvention of video gaming industry is only natural to occur. In-game rewards have been around from the beginning of the video games but now they value even outside the digital world. NFT rewards can be offered in multitude of forms such as items, armor, weapon, skins, and skills that offer a unique gaming experience, providing with one-of-a-kind items that can belong only to the rightful owner and adding in-game value. The benefits of NFT items can extend beyond in-game use since they can be traded and exchanged for cryptocurrencies or converted into real money making the income from gaming accessible to all gamers. Blockchain technology, which is the basic structural element behind the NFTs, offers decentralized safe transactions meaning that players can trade directly with each other without having to pay the company or a third-party service.

Big game development companies have not stayed behind, picking sides, and voting for or against the NFT games. Companies such as Steam and EA do not allow NFT games or in-game items, stating the risks behind the decentralization, and the fact that they challenge the established profit system.  Other companies, such as Epic, have allowed NFT items in-game by creating strictly defined policy documents with the goal to protect players from possible scum and unwanted manipulations, creating safer environment for the users.

If scratched a little beneath the surface, it is obvious that NFT games are not a completely new concept but a shift in the traditional gaming approach towards a more beneficial for the player system.

Play-To-Earn system

Until now, video game players have been able to earn income from gaming mostly by streaming or participating in tournaments, but it is not easily accessible for everyone. NFT and blockchain games, on the other hand, require fewer resources from the player to make money. It creates an additional motivation factor for the gamers to pursue their hobby as a job allowing them to make it even into a full-time income since they earn money based on how much they play.  NFT items also give an opportunity to the creators to materialize their ideas and provide them with a broader audience to showcase their creations and artworks. A unique item created by an artist gains new life by being showcased and used in-game, overcoming the limits of classic art that can only be admired from a distance. Another advantage of NFT and decentralization that appeals to the artists is the opportunity to earn additional income with every trade or resell of the item which is made possible using smart contracts.

Metaverse, that has been widely discussed lately, is promised to bring new reality and opportunities into everyday life, creating a place without real-world limitations. Communication, entertainment, and even work seem to be possible to appear in the same virtual space, giving users access to a variety of services and opportunities from the comfort of their homes.


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