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About us

Isotopic is the first ever blockchain-enabled and cross-platform game store, hosting unlimited games in an open platform built for everyone to enjoy


Isotopic is a Software Distribution Platform and Game Store, where developers can publish their games for free, and where users can browse, buy, download, and play unlimited games and content.

On ISOTOPIC, we empower creators to gain control of their games, and gamers to be the true owners of games that they buy. Just like buying a physical CD, you can now control your digital copies, which you can either play, or trade/resell to a friend or another user.

This is possible with the use of blockchain technologies, cleverly integrated to avoid harming the user experience. The ISOTOPIC team remains strongly against the current misuse of these technologies, and instead aims to create a solution that uses the blockchain for utility and purpose.


For Gamers, Isotopic arrives to set a space where unlimited games can be browsed and played. Both blockchain-enabled, and traditional web2 games are available to be purchased, downloaded and played.

The new economy rising from games as own-able assets, allows users to buy games and repurpose the digital copies when they are done playing with them. Our Peer-to-Peer marketplace will allow users to trade, lend, stake, and auction games.

For Developers, we understand your needs. With very low fees, the option to take profits in either fiat or cryptocurrency, the full control over your game’s distribution, as well as the added benefits and revenue streams from ads and trading fees, the Isotopic Game Store is the perfect place to host your games.


➥ Game Developers can end up taking less than 50% of their game sales as revenue after store fees and taxes.


➥ Blockchain games are unattractive to traditional gamers because the process requires a lot of effort, and because they use and market unnecessary features aiming at profit-driven incentives, instead of gaming experiences.


➥ In a space with thousands of games of poor quality, it is difficult for a gamer to find what they truly want, and commit to buying it, when there is a chance it will sit in their libraries unused.

Digital Copies cannot be repurposed.

➥ After you are done playing with a game, you might be able to sell your inventory if that's supported, but other than that there is nothing you can do with the game itself, and it just stays idle in your library.


➥ Isotopic only takes 8% on game sales, with options of taking profit in either fiat or crypto, allowing the developer to earn more.


➥ Isotopic has a perfect blend of blockchain-enabled and traditional games, and we fully endorse and support the correct use of the blockchain.


➥ With games as own-able assets, you can feel more confident when buying a game to try it out, as you can always resell it and get part of the initial payment back. An active economy of trading games allows developers to get more sales and plays of their games.


➥ Games on Isotopic are own-able assets, meaning they can be traded, lended, and be otherwise repurposed. This creates a new economy of exclusive and limited collectible games.



Isotopic Game Store

This is where users can browse games and applications by genre, price, features, and many other filters. In the future, extra tabs for the P2P marketplace, trading, and other options will be available here.

Simply visit the store, find a game you like, hit download, unzip the downloaded folder and play the game!

Isotopic Client

Our client acts as a desktop hub for all the isotopic services. Users can access the main page, store, and other services through this client. Both Isotopic and third-party games can be added to the user’s library, where they can be played and tracked.

Screenshot of the Isotopic Client desktop application on Windows
Isotopic SDKs

Targeted for developers, these tools will allow games and apps to connect with the Isotopic network through APIs, in order to access public information of the players, save progress on the cloud, and use blockchain features to decentralize their network.

These tools are created with small developers in mind, and serve as a high-level integration for services.

Features of our SDKs will include:

      • Connect users with their Isotopic accounts, and get profile info.
      • Download dynamic assets and models from the Isotopic Assets library at runtime.
      • Integrate in-game non disruptive Ads in your games.
      • Tokenize game assets with the blockchain.
      • Integrate in-app purchases.
Isotopic Publisher Tools

Made for developers, this software will act as an interface of the game or app. Admins will be able to access info and stats of their games, manage NFTs and cross-game assets, and publish content on the Isotopic Store.

Detailed analytics will be available to all developers that publish to Isotopic. These will include details on user engagement, downloads, play time, and analysis of on-chain data for your game, if applicable.

Currently, the publisher tools are directly integrated on the website and client, under “My Account”, and allow any developer to easily and quickly publish their game on Isotopic. Future updates will slowly add analytics functionality.

Isotopic Assets

A huge library of cross-game assets, available to all developers. These include 3D models, 2D sprites, animations, textures, and sound effects that can be used in any game or application, non-exclusive to apps published on the Isotopic store.

All developers will be able to contribute to this database, and the assets can be used in multiple games, allowing users to earn rewards which transcend gaming worlds.

Each cross-game asset will have the following associated data:

      • Item stats and metadata.
      • Asset files (.fbx, png, etc.)

Both of these will be written on-chain, meaning this system will be completely decentralized and independent of Isotopic. Copies of static files (like models or images) will also be on our servers and accessible through our SDKs for efficiency and faster access.

Game Characters together from games on Isotopic
Isotopic Social Network

Integrated directly into the website and client, this will give users the ability to connect with other people, join communities and teams, create and view posts, join each other’s games, make voice calls, and even stream content for their friends.

Games that integrate the Isotopic SDKs, will also be able to integrate functionalities of our social network, which will allow users to easily look up other in-game players on Isotopic, and connect with them.

Isotopic Mobile App

Available on both Android and IOS, our mobile application will bring the entire Isotopic Ecosystem to the palm of your hand, allowing you to browse, download, and play unlimited mobile games.

The app will be connected with your Isotopic profile, and the desktop client, where you will be able to use it and interact with the Isotopic network while playing games, to send messages, perform actions with the game, and much more. Developers will be able to extend the possibilities of the app, using the Isotopic SDKs in their games.


In a highly competitive gaming industry, developers can struggle with finding ideas for their next games, and finding the motivation to build them into reality.
At Isotopic, we are hosting regular Game Competitions and Game Jams, that reward creators.

With free participation, attractive rewards, and a community that is eager to help each other grow, these competitions are a perfect place to master game development, by challenging yourself to create amazing unique games.

In addition to official Isotopic Competitions, users will be able to create their own, with custom rewards, themes, and other restrictions.

Isotopic Game Competition 2 Winners
Winners of the second Isotopic Game Competition

Our Game

Meet Leptons VR, the first official Isotopic game to be published on the Store.

A VR fantasy sandbox multiplayer PVP game, featuring melee, ranged, and magic combat in a fast-paced strategic battle scenario. In Leptons VR, players can fully customize their character and weapons with combinations of gear and skins. Skills and abilities in Leptons VR are also tradable assets, and all items are balanced to keep the gameplay skill-based.

With a wide and steep learning curve, this game can offer thousands of hours of content for both casual and competitive gamers.

isotopic-game-night-scene_AXE Whitepaper
Melee combat GIF Whitepaper
Whitepaper Leptons VR gif
Telekinesis GIF Whitepaper
Game Mechanics

Players will be able to use a variety of methods to attack, defend and support. Strategic combinations and combos of those will allow for unique combat styles. A player could for example hold daggers for close-quarters combat, throw them at medium distance, and also use a crossbow for higher range, while protecting themselves with a shield spell.

The combat in Leptons VR is fast-paced, with the players' character being very maneuverable and fast, meaning you will often get closer than optimal to your opponents.

The primary weapons that players can carry include medieval-style melee weapons that include but are not limited to:

➥ Axes

➥ Swords

➥ Maces

➥ Daggers

➥ Shields

On the battlegrounds, you are also able to bring ranged weapons, to help you fight against players who remain at a longer range. These weapons include but are not limited to:

➥ Bows

➥ Crossbows

➥ Spears (Throwable)

It is also important to note that one important mechanic in game will be the ability to throw weapons, which means all melee weapons will be capable of inflicting damage at long range when thrown.

The most deadly combos and attacks in game will come from using magic abilities. These will offer an extraordinary take on multiplayer combat, which will make the whole gaming experience much more… Chaotic!

Spells in game will include:

Ranged Attacks: Use spells from a distance to deal damage to your opponents. Examples include throwing fireballs, summoning lighting strikes, etc.

Passive/Defensife Skills: Cast magic that is used to boost your stats or defend you from attacks.

Advantages of Isotopic

Isotopic offers unique opportunities for both Gamers and Game Developers alike. As Gamers ourselves, and with Game Development experience, we understand what the community wants, and how to satisfy our audience. We are fully transparent, and actively open to discuss with the community on how to make this platform the best Game Store. Here are some of the advantages that Isotopic has, over other alternatives.


➥ Actively contribute to the platform, by voting on important decisions.
➥ Find your favorite games under exclusive sales and discounts.
➥ Trade games with other players. Collect exclusive, limited, and rare games.
➥ Earn cross-game content and use it in multiple games.
➥ Build your Isotopic profile, share your gaming experiences on the platform, and socialize.

◇ Developers

➥ Secure your games against piracy & theft via the blockchain.
➥ Integrate the Isotopic network through SDKs to develop, build, and launch games.
➥ Join a community of game developers, that includes opportunities for growth and networking.
➥ Fully customize your game’s distribution via its smart contract, which allows you to set the max supply, royalty fees, price, limit trading, and do much more.
➥ Publish and deploy apps and games for Desktop, Mobile, Web, and VR environments.  

While alternatives take up to 30% in fees from game sales, with taxes and other fees further devaluing creators, Isotopic only takes 8% from sales, and the option to take profits in cryptocurrency means all the 92% left goes right to the creator.

There are many gaming projects in the blockchain space, that overuse these technologies, bring unnecessary features, and push everyone who does not care about the blockchain away. This is NOT the case with Isotopic. We allow both blockchain-enabled games and non-blockchain creations, all under the same space, treated equally. The use of the blockchain on our platform is limited to features that bring actual value and utility, and we are community-driven, pursuing what our users want.

Evolution of the internet applied to Game Stores.
Our Key values

Open Publishing: Uploading your games on Isotopic will always be FREE.
Cross-Platform: Our Ecosystem covers PC, Mobile, and VR Games.
Ease-of-Use: Everything we do will be accessible to all users, without requiring blockchain knowledge.
Blockchain-Agnostic: We do not limit games to using any particular chain, or to use the blockchain at all. We treat both equally. 

Isotopic’s aim is to assist Game Developers through their entire journey, from their first piece of code, to their first game and its first download.
We strongly believe in the mass adoption of the blockchain, but we are not satisfied at all with the current efforts of the industry. With our careful integration only where necessary, we show the world that the blockchain is valuable and has utility that is not possible without it.


Isotopic’s unique selling points against web2 alternatives don’t only include the usage and support of the blockchain, but also the cross platform compatibility, the control that we give to creators over their game’s distribution, and the amazing features that are only possible because of our technology.

Comparison Table between Isotopic and Web2 Alternatives

How it Works

With user experience and ease-of-use as the two pillars this project is built upon, we are working hard on ensuring the platform is user-friendly, scaleable, and performant. The process of buying and playing your first game on Isotopic is simple and streamlined. Similarly, a developer is able to publish their first game in a matter of minutes.

◇ Buying and playing your first game
      1. Create an Isotopic account.
      2. Find a game you want to buy.
      3. Add to your Isotopic balance via credit card, choosing one of many providers and options.
      4. Buy the game by confirming the transaction.
      5. Click to download, and wait for the download to finish.
      6. Press play and enjoy!

Games that you buy and other free-to-play games that you choose, are added to your library on the Isotopic Client, which can be accessed to play your games at any time. The library also allows you to import games from third-party software, essentially acting as a Game Hub, which you can use to browse and run all of your favorite videogames and applications.

After you are done playing with a game, if the developer allows it you will be able to repurpose the digital copy, with options such as reselling it to get some of your money back, trading it for another game, lending it to other gamers, or stake it to earn passive income.

◇ Publishing your first Game
      1. Create an Isotopic account.
      2. Go to the developer tab under “My Account”, and click on the ( + ) icon.
      3. Click the new app, and edit your game’s page to your liking.
      4. Submit your game for approval, and wait < 24 hours for it to be listed.

The tools that are available to Game Developers, allow you to gain full control of your game’s distribution. You are able to control the max supply (limit how many copies of your game exist), set fees for trading or disable it all together, and you are able to see and analyze fully detailed analytics, among other opportunities.

This works via the game’s Smart Contract (the code that defines the features and behaviour of the game’s NFT), which can be fully edited to unlock unlimited options and features. This is what enables limited games, which have a max supply and thus can only have a specific amount of digital copies in circulation, increasing their collectible value.

◇ Revenue on Isotopic

Game Sales: Developers take 92% of their game sales, with the rest 8% going to Isotopic to cover our operational costs.

Ads Program: Integrate dynamic in-game ads inside of your game’s world, and earn based on your users’ interaction with them.

Trading Fees: Set fees for trading activities of your game’s digital copies. (E.g: 20% from each trade)

Isotopic Game Subscription: Add your game to the list of games of our games subscription, and earn percentages of the subscription’s revenue.

DLC and In-game Purchases: Sell extra content for your game with custom subscriptions or one-time payments.


Although the platform depends on many Web3 elements, users are not required to have any blockchain-related knowledge to use our services.

Isotopic is built upon a new ideology of meeting with Web2 in the middle, what’s been called, Web 2.5. This framework limits the use of the blockchain and its features to only what is necessary, and focuses on user experience and ease-of-use.


In the Isotopic store, the games themselves are NFTs (Standard ERC-721). Owning a copy of a game means you own an NFT. This allows developers to fully customize their game’s distribution.

Using the power of smart contracts, developers can innovate in the delivery of their content, choosing from an unlimited number of options such as:

  • Unlimited or limited max supply
  • Lending and renting games
  • Staking games and apps as NFTs
  • Co-owning content
  • Transferring Ownership

And that’s not all! By hosting many different games in the same platform, we also have a huge database of assets and NFTs, which developers can choose to share with other games.

In other words, Isotopic will truly enable cross-game content, which is something that has been discussed many times, but never really integrated to its full extent.

Cryptocurrency – Token

All the Isotopic services will use the Isotopic Token as their base currency. This ensures that players will not have to exchange between many different cryptocurrencies, for each game or app that they use.

The Isotopic Token is a cryptocurrency following the ERC-20 standard, and the native currency of the Isotopic Services. As such, its use-cases will contain but not be limited to:

  • Buying Apps, Games, DLC and other content directly from distributors.
  • Buying, selling, and renting content in the Isotopic Marketplace.
  • Staking and liquidity mining.
  • Deploying content on the Isotopic Store.
  • Using Isotopic cross-game Assets.
  • Supporting Game Creators.
  • Paying for our Games Subscription which offers new games every month.
  • Governance of the platform.

We ensure that all of the utilities of our platform are accessible to users without any additional overhead, through the use of native and easy to use blockchain integrations.

  • Specification
    • Name: Isotopic Token
    • Symbol: TOPIC
    • Blockchain Network: Binance Smart Chain
    • Decimals: 18
    • Max Supply: 200,000,000
  • Distribution
    • Liquidity: 15%
    • Staking: 10%
    • Public Sale: 2%
    • Private Sales: 13%
    • Team/Advisors: 15%
    • Marketing: 5%
    • Treasury: 25%
    • Ecosystem Development: 15%
Isotopic Tokenomics
Funding Rounds and Vesting

Isotopic will hold three funding rounds, two of which will be limited to private investors, and one round which will be publicly accessible.



A large amount of our funds is allocated towards marketing activities that will bring game developers and gamers to Isotopic. These activities will include guests posts and features on top media, promotions and co-marketing with KOLs, streamers, bloggers, other influencers, and initiatives with key partnerships and affiliations.

Exclusive games on Isotopic, Game Competitions with rewards, and other industry opportunities will also organically attract more users.


Isotopic’s community on Discord and Telegram is where users can hang out, talk with each other, share their experiences and have fun. We regularly host events that further engage with our users, and we always available to talk with our community members.

We also announce updates about Isotopic, and post sneak-peaks of our updates and content ahead of time.


On Isotopic’s blog page, we regularly post articles and content, with subjects and themes focused on the following:

  • Isotopic News & Announcements.
  • Game reviews, game announcements, and covers.
  • News of the gaming and blockchain industry.
  • Articles about our platform and the technologies we use.

We also post all of our articles on other platforms such as Medium.


Isotopic is on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and many more platforms, where we post all things gaming and blockchain related. Follow us to get insights on our latest news, be the first to learn about new games and content, partake in giveaways and competitions, and enjoy features of amazing video-games that we promote for their quality content.

Business Model

Isotopic earns revenue primarily from publishing and selling games on the store, fees from our services, offering marketing services for games, and creating and selling other content.

➥ Isotopic will act as a publisher which will acquire / invest in games and sell them on our Store, and all game sales from Game Developers who sell their games on Isotopic will be subject to 8% fees.

➥ Fees from the P2P marketplace and other services, selling our own utility NFTs for in-game content, game subscriptions, and other sales also account for a large portion of our business model.

➥ We provide services that help developers from the development of their games, till their fundraising, marketing, and product launches.

Isotopic Revenue Sources visualized pie-chart.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I buy/invest in Isotopic token?

$TOPIC is the primary and native currency used by the Isotopic services. Non free-to-play games, DLCs and other purchasable content require $TOPIC to be purchased.

Other than that, $TOPIC offers many benefits to its holders, including growth from staking,  buyback campaigns, and governance for the platform.

How can I use my Isotopic NFTs?

NFTs in Isotopic can be sold for $TOPIC in the Isotopic Marketplace, or in any other third party marketplace.

For Game NFTs, all you need to do is just hold them in your wallet, and you will be able to play the game.

Other in-game NFT items provide many different functionalities in game, and hold value depending on their rarity and stats.

How does staking work?

Staking works by “locking” your tokens for a specific time period or longer. By doing this, you earn rewards from fees and end up with a larger quantity of these tokens when you finally decide to unstake.

A similar process is also available for NFTs, allowing you to stake your game digital copies, and other in-game NFTs.

What is the Isotopic marketplace? What can be bought or sold?

Isotopic NFT marketplace is where users can purchase or exchange various items such as weapons and skins, but also full games or DLCs with others.

All the items and games are non-fungible tokens and can be added to the game and later exchanged and sold.

Items obtained in games or in tournaments can be sold or exchanged in the Isotopic marketplace in the same way.  

Where can I buy $TOPIC?

After the public sale of the token, liquidity will be added on PancakeSwap, where you will be able to exchange BUSD for our token.

What are some of the use cases of TOPIC token?

  • Buying Apps, Games, DLC and other content directly from distributors
  • Buying, selling, and renting content in the Isotopic Marketplace
  • Staking and liquidity mining
  • Deploying content on the Isotopic Store

Client and games

When will Isotopic games be available?

You can visit our Roadmap section to get all the information you need about our future plans. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and follow our socials, so you don’t miss out on all the latest news and announcements, including new game launches and updates, and feel free to join our discord server, and meet the community.

What token can be used to buy Isotopic games and content?

The native currency of the platform is the Isotopic Token ($TOPIC). This ensures that players will not have to exchange between many different cryptocurrencies, for each game or app they use.

But don't worry. You do not have to know anything about how the blockchain works or do any of the boring steps that are usually associated with it.

On Isotopic, we use the latest technologies to ensure the platform is as accessible and user-friendly as possible, allowing you to navigate it without carrying about the blockchain at all.

What is the Isotopic client?

Isotopic client is a downloadable application that acts as a desktop hub for all the Isotopic services.

Users can access the main page, store, and other services through this client. They are also able to see their app library, download apps and games, and play them. It allows easy access to the entire Isotopic ecosystem.

How do I play a game?

If you've already bought a game, it will be available on your library. Simply install the Isotopic Client, login, go to your library, select the game you want to play and click "Play".

getting started

How to get started?

First, head to, and create an account. Then you can download and install the Isotopic Client, visit the store, and browse through many different games. See a game you want to get? Click on it and select the option to buy/mint it! After that, visit your library, where you can check your owned games, and download the new game. Once the download is finished, you can select the game and press “Play”. Enjoy!

Can I access from a mobile device?

All web services of Isotopic are also available in mobile devices, with our Web3 features only accessible through a web3 browser from your wallet provider.

I am a developer, and I am interested in adding my game to the Isotopic platform

That's great! Check this article for an in-depth tutorial on publishing with Isotopic!