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Isotopic Asset Store screenshot

Unveiling the Isotopic Asset Store

We are very proud to unveil the latest addition to the Isotopic Ecosystem, our very own Asset Store. Head over to, and browse through free 3D Models, Sound and Visual effects, specialized packages and assets for Unity, and anything you need to create your own game.

Isotopic Asset Store front-page
Upload your Assets and 3D Models

Currently, the Asset Store hosts a limited amount of demo assets made by our team, which can all be accessed and downloaded for free.

The platform is open to all developers with an Isotopic account, to easily upload their own assets and contribute to the library! Click this link to get started and upload your own assets.

CrossGame Assets on Isotopic
Cross-Game Assets

The Asset Store also allows access to another innovative solution by Isotopic, Cross-Game assets.

Assets in this category constitute in-game items that games reward their players with, which are free to grab and integrate in your own games. This means that a player who has been rewarded with a particular item in a game, could start playing a different game, and access that same item there.

With the release of the Isotopic SDK, developers using Unity will be able to easily integrate all of these.

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