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Where do gamers find new games, pi chart.

Where to find new Indie Games

Have you recently gone into the new games category of any Game Store like, Epic Games, or Steam, to try and look for a new game to play? If you have, you’ll find out that the majority of the games are either below your quality expectations, or totally uninteresting to you.

Where do gamers find new games, pi chart.

As more and more new Game Developers and studios enter the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right Indie game to try out. Nowadays, most gamers, according to research, find their next best games primarily through online video reviews and content, from platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or Twitter (X)

How to discover the best Indie Games Online

If you are looking to find your next favorite Indie Game, these platforms offer the best experience to help you identify the right candidates. If you are a developer looking to increase exposure to your own games, then this is also the best place to start.

1. TikTok, Instagram, Isotopic Shorts

If you are already a daily user of a platform like TikTok, nothing is stopping you from searching for independent content creators who post about their favorite games.

Platforms like TikTok, Instagram, or the newly released Shorts category on the Isotopic Game Store, offer a reliable continuous feed of content from games, including gameplay videos, and reviews. The latter, Isotopic Shorts, offers a platform that is exclusively created to showcase short videos of Indie Games.

2. Twitter (X)

This platform deserves its own spot on the list, as a major part of the Twitter community creates content centered around gaming. Thousands of Independent Game Studios and Developers post content about their games, and separate content creators on the platform showcase their favorite games, including reviews and gameplay videos.

All you need to do to find them is to start following popular game studios, and the algorithm will do the rest. For the best Indie Games, IndiePump’s Twitter account is highly recommended, where they post not only affiliated titles, but also host weekly tweets where other developers showcase their games in the replies.

3. Online Communities ( Discord, Reddit, …)

If you are looking for personal recommendations, the internet has got you covered. Join online communities on discord, reddit and other platforms centered around gaming, and ask fellow members for recommendations based on your interests.

4. Game Stores ( Steam, Epic Games, Isotopic Game Store, …)

And of course, a final and good option when it comes to discovering new games, is through Game Stores. While the main pages will certainly feature affiliated games, or already known large AAA titles, they typically offer advanced searching tooling to help you find new Indie hidden gems.

As the industry evolves, more platforms are launching which offer solutions to help you find new games you like. Such an example is the Isotopic Game Store, offering a new platform for Indie Game Developers to publish their games.

How to tell if the game is right for you

After you find an interesting game, it is important to do more research, especially if it is a premium game requiring payment.

The most important thing to do is to look into its gameplay, see the artstyle, the gameplay style, the different game mechanics available, and find out if these satisfy your needs. 

However, watching gameplay and actually playing the game are two different things. So make sure you read reviews by other players, ask friends for opinions, and use the platforms we mentioned to find out what like-minded individuals think about that game.

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So what are you waiting for?

The internet is full of communities and platforms that can help you unlock new experiences and interests, not only by finding new games, but also by meeting and communicating with new people.

As Social Apps become more and more prominent, whether you are a Gamer, or a Game Developer, these applications can expose you to exactly what you are looking for. And nothing works best than watching video content, which shows exactly what a particular game looks like.

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