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posts potential of blockchain for video game creators

Potential of Blockchain for Video Game creators

Significant growth in the video game market is expected in the next few years due to the introduction and active use of blockchain technology in video games and is very likely that the role the games have in everyday life will be completely redefined. Blockchain is already modifying the industry and offers new solutions to long existed issues, creating more attractive environments for users. A great number of game development companies are considering using the technology in future projects or have already begun the development of blockchain titles. This leads to more and more interesting titles and opportunities appearing among blockchain games, increasing rapidly the interest in the technology.  

It is only natural that blockchain has attracted so much attention, considering the fact that it creates the environment for fast and safe transactions using cryptocurrency, without the use of third-party services. The implementation of technology in blockchain and NFT games gives players more reasons to play games and rewards them for their effort and time spent. It allows users to gain control over their gaming process, and create a more personalized storyline, characters, and much more, enhancing the opportunities for artistic expression and personalization. Blockchain technology creates the foundation for a user-driven in-game economy that allows players to make a profit in a more enjoyable way, providing opportunities to earn cryptocurrency that can later be converted into real money.  NFT and blockchain also offer security in case a title is shut down, allowing the trading of items even after that.


A great number of game development companies are considering using the technology in future projects or have already begun the development of blockchain titles.

Another appealing factor, that has gained popularity for blockchain technology is the foundation for enhanced security, ownership, and verification processes. Blockchain provides transparency of transactions, additional confidence, and security level, protecting the user data and offering a safe way to store assets. Additionally, cheating, hacking, and game modifications become almost impossible. This is made possible due to the fact that in blockchain data is not stored on one single server but shared between a network of computers spread across the world.

Another interesting aspect is the ability to own one integrated profile and wallet through many games, making access easier across gaming platforms and applications. This offers an improved user experience and makes applications more accessible. It is even possible to create assets that can be profile-bound and transferable between games, taking the video game industry one step forward, and generating a completely unheard-of experience and digital presence.



Of course, nothing is perfect, and blockchain is not an exception. To benefit from the technology, there is a requirement to own a wallet and buy cryptocurrency which can discourage some users, especially those unfamiliar with the processes. There is a certain complexity in understanding the concepts concerning blockchain and NFTs that is only enhanced by the lack of certified and trustworthy information. Once we overcome these limitations it is possible to deploy the technology in a vast variety of applications, making use of all the benefits described above and discovering it even further.


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