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Isotopic SDK

Last week, we released the first version of the official Isotopic SDK for Unity. The SDK allows Indie Game Developers to connect with the Isotopic services and utilize things such as login with OAuth, free Cloud Storage, direct one-click build uploads to the Isotopic Game Store, and its most unique feature, access to Cross-Game Isotopic Assets.

Isotopic SDK Banner
Connecting Isotopic Accounts

One of the core functionalities of the SDK, is to allow users to login via their Isotopic accounts. This allows the game to do things such as:

  • Retrieve public profile information (username, profile picture)
  • Get and set Cloud Storage for your game (cloud saves)

Gamers can continue their saved games from any computer, as long as they use the same Isotopic account to log in.

Isotopic OAuth Screenshot

The way this works is by letting the game create a One-Time Code which the user can enter at to connect their account, ensuring that the game does not access sensitive user information.

In the future, the SDK will also allow games to create and set achievements, create multiplayer lobbies, send invites to users’ friends through the Isotopic Client, and much more.

Isotopic Cross-Game Assets

A unique, core functionality of the SDK, is the ability to integrate Isotopic Cross-Game Assets. These can be in-game items that are rewarded in one game, and can also be used on another.

CrossGame Assets on Isotopic

For example, a user who plays Leptons VR, our own game, can unlock the Lepton Sword by natural free-to-play progression. The sword allows its holder to shoot out a laser beam that can destroy enemies within seconds. 

Now, the same user who just unlocked the sword, can download Mythic Realms, and there they can access their inventory and see the same weapon available.

On that game, the sword is 2D, and still shoots the same kind of beam, off the tip of its blade. 

Creating your own Cross-Game Items

If you want your creation to be featured in other games, all you have to do is upload its files on the Isotopic Asset Store, and mark the item as a cross-game reward. 

The Isotopic team will help you setup everything you need, to make sure your creation is used appropriately in other games, including options to allow games to to give the item as a reward and let their users bring it into your own original game.


The Future

With this being just the initial version of the SDK, we already have a vision for the future, including a lot of unique, amazing features. The SDK is powered via ChainSafe’s web3.unity SDK, which directly gives all of its functionality access for the developer. 

With an established background in Open Source software, ChainSafe empowers us to implement amazing features, and we retain the same vision, by Open-Sourcing our own SDK as well. (GitHub Link)

Isotopic ChainSafe
Features that the Isotopic SDK will bring in the future include:
  • Multiplayer solution on Isotopic servers.
  • Connectivity with the Isotopic Client (set user status, achievements, and access friends network).
  • Secure item rewarding for users, with simple integration in a few lines of code.
  • Easy integration of in-game marketplaces, to allow users to trade items.
  • Further Isotopic Assets connectivity, allowing your users to create content for your game.


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