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Hello fellow indie developers, and welcome to Isotopic! We are thrilled to announce a new Game and App Distribution Platform targeted for you!

Isotopic Game Store

Today, we are launching our store’s Alpha version to the public.
We are inviting you to be among the first releases on the platform, and the first members of our community. Free WebGL games can be published to the store starting today.

We identified that the blockchain scene right now is full of cash-grab boring games that no one plays. There is a huge market opening for quality games made with a focus on gameplay, visualization, immersion and design, rather than overusing unnecessary NFT and blockchain elements.

So we are building a store in the web3 industry, which uses blockchain technologies, but does NOT fill games with NFTs and features no one asked for!

Isotopic Blockchain app Distribution Service

False Usage of the Blockchain

We see these blockchain projects everywhere, spreading their marketing campaigns on our social media, with promotions of NFT images and “Play to earn” games.

It is sad, how a really cool technology is only used as a way to gain short-term profit, rather than creating something innovative and useful.

Innovation and Utility

But why are we different, and not just another blockchain project striving to earn profit and dump the market?

We are a completely blockchain-agnostic game store, meaning games on the platform do not have to use NFTs or blockchain at all.

As a matter of fact, we are completely blockchain experience agnostic. One of the most prevailing reasons blockchain projects do not attract the general public, is due to the difficulty in using them.

To use Isotopic, you do not have to create wallets, buy cryptocurrency or directly interact with the blockchain, ever!

Blockchain Technologies on the platform are primarily used for:
  • Security:
    Via the power of smart contracts, we are able to create anti-piracy measures that do use the blockchain to protect your games!
  • Governance and Stake:
    With the use of cryptocurrency, anyone can become a stake-holder of the platform, and contribute to its growth.
  • Features made easy:
    Using NFTs, players will be able to do things like trade games and in game content, and earn by doing so. This can and has been done without the use of the blockchain. But by decentralizing this technology, we are able to implement it faster and more securely. This allows us to bring cool features to the platform in a rapid pace.
Leptons VR, in-game screenshot

So, what are you waiting for?

Do you have a ready game using WebGL? You can have it published on our store for absolutely free, without any ties, today!

Developers that join our network will have the opportunity to:
  • Showcase their skills in creating games and content.
  • Use the blockchain with innovative ideas and implementations.
  • Have their games played and watched by a new community of gamers, as well as investors.
  • Form long-term partnerships with Isotopic, which can provide marketing, promotions and events that can take your career to the next level.
  • Receive help from our team of experienced Game Developers, who can get you started on interacting with the blockchain, or help you with development issues.
  • Meet other innovators in the gaming industry.

There is nothing to lose! Our goal is to listen to the indie community and create a gaming platform that unites traditional gamers and developers with the blockchain world and takes over the Web3 industry.

Blockchain app distribution service

Submit your games here!

Join our Discord server, and our Telegram channel!

As a last note, we are extremely happy to meet you, even if you do not have a game yet, and we are eager to hear your feedback and ideas, so that we take this platform to the next level!

We pass on the torch to you! If you’ve made it this far, congrats, and I hope this has piqued your interest, and you are ready to join us!

Isotopic is a blockchain-enabled Software Distribution Service, hosting games and applications that integrate NFTs and Cryptocurrency.

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-Isotopic team

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