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Isotopic Game Competition 2 Winners

Isotopic Game Competition 2 Results

The second Isotopic Game Competition has now officially ended! We had a blast playing your games, and we are very happy with the results! Here is a quick brief for everyone who missed it:

  • Game Submissions opened on March 1st, for 15 days. In that time, the competition got 17 amazing submissions!
  • The voting period was open for 5 days, and the games got a total of 139 ratings.

The rating period is now over, and we are ready to announce the winners!

The winners!

#1: Phobos – Subhuman

In first place, nearing a perfect score, Phobos – Subhuman.

With a final rating at 4.93 / 5.00, this Action-Adventure game blew the competition, rising to the top. Truly an awesome and unique experience, and we recommend everyone to give it a try!

Phobos - Subhuman banner for Isotopic Game Store Blog
#2: The Shore

In second place, with a final score of 4.88 / 5.0, this Lovecraftian Horror Game which brought incomprehensible horrors right to our screens, achieved major reviews which ended in it getting our second place! Congrats to Dragonis Games , the amazing team from Greece that created this Indie Gem!

#3: Bug Alliance

Coming in third place, at 4.81 / 5.0 is Bug Alliance, an amazing third-person Action RPG. This is definitely a game worth checking out, and staying up to date with its news. Props to Ent-Re Games for doing such a great job on this game.

Congratulations to the winners!

And thank you to everyone who participated in this competition. We are incredibly thankful to all of you, and we had a blast playing all of your games!

This competition also included a Jam category, eligible for games made during the submissions period, but due to no participation it is voided.

There will be more to come! Stay tuned, as we will definitely be continuing with more Game Competitions and Game Jams in the future!

Isotopic Game Competition 2 Final Results

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