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Astra Nova Banner with Character

Astra Nova: A look at the new Game Teaser

We have been following the journey of Astra Nova for a while now, and it has been a privilege working with them as part of our partnership. Yesterday Astra Nova’s twitter account released some never-seen-before footage, featuring the game’s graphics.

The video takes us on a walk, showcasing what appears to be an airplane crash in a forest. First thing that truly impressed us is the fire. We are placed in a wet forest environment, and there is still fire all around us, which is interacting perfectly well with the surroundings. It’s incredibly impressive how well the crash is blended with the forest, and the post-processing effects are stunning, making everything incredibly realistic, from things like how the fire interacts with the wet ground and forms smoke, to how the plane has damaged the terrain around it.

We also notice that the scene we are seeing has been optimized quite well, as there are NO noticeable objects popping in and out of LOD groups, and the frame-rate seems to remain stable while the player is looking all around. These are things that inexperienced developers would struggle with, a lot, and especially in a forest scene. This is definitely raising our confidence to new levels in the development team.

Overall, the entire scene is looking amazing, with realistic lighting, most importantly realistic composition, and with game design that naturally leads the player to the target waypoint.

We are excited!

The above is a video posted by Astra Nova back in January! It is evident that there has been progress in developing the core combat mechanics of the game, and we were startled that we did not see this feature in yesterday’s release, which makes us hyped for the next big content release.

Honestly the team is doing an amazing job at keeping us hyped, and we are really really excited to see the next featuring of combat. It is very important to remember that according to the Astra Nova roadmap the game release is planned for early 2025! This means we have already seen stunning graphics and gameplay, 2 years ahead of launch.

It is clear that there is an experienced professional team working on the development of the game, and we cannot wait to see what other news we learn about it in the future!

Check out Astra Nova’s page on the Isotopic Game Store!

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