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How do AI, VR, AR, and Blockchain technology converge?

Even though Blockchain technology has been mainly used for financial transactions and services, with the technology gaining popularity it has found a variety of new applications. Blockchain has proved useful in combination with VR and AR, as we have already discussed in one of our previous articles, allowing the ownership of AR NFTs and virtual properties, environments, and much more. These technologies when mixed, present a unique opportunity for a combination of entertainment, investment, and artistic enhancement of the real world.

The metaverse can be a chaotic place when it is designed to fit everybody’s needs, but when organized to target a narrower audience, everyone can find a suitable place for themselves.

But what is AI and where it stands in this story?

Artificial Intelligence has been a widely discussed concept for quite a few decades already and is one of the top-most advanced technologies that are actively seeing progress in today’s world. Now that the blockchain industry has gained popularity, technologies such as AI are finding their way into the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

The metaverse can be a chaotic place when it is designed to fit everybody’s needs, but when organized to target a narrower audience, everyone can find a suitable place for themselves. That is where AI can prove extremely useful, creating a personalized customer experience for each user based on their preferences and previous interactions. Digital content can be dynamically modified by analyzing each user’s behavior with the help of Artificial Intelligence, keeping it, however, completely anonymous. With the right training, AI can bring automation into blockchain technology by going through massive amounts of data and predicting the outcomes of various situations. It can create new use-case scenarios for the blockchain and provide a new level of security and opportunities for the industry to grow.

AI can benefit not only the customer services and financial aspect of blockchain technologies, but also as a part of the entertaining curriculum in the fast-evolving blockchain and NFT gaming industry.  Artificial intelligence can provide a fresh variety of options for the creators, simulating problems, unique dialogs, items, and events and influencing the overall gaming experience. Another possible application of AI technology that can be crucial in Web 3.0 is the generation of completely unique extraordinary items, ensuring their one-of-a-kind behavior and look, that can be sold and exchanged as NFTs. This will enrich the library of assets available for the users to purchase and make the blockchain games even more engaging.

By combining the innovative technologies discussed in this article, it is possible to create a new course for the world economy, provide new investment opportunities and create a new age of users’ entertainment. Even though there are still many limitations to all these technologies, such as motion sickness in VR or training costs in AI, the combination of these technologies will lead to a whole new level of entertainment and experiences in the very near future.


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