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Web 3.0 – Future of Technology

Web 3.0 has gained a lot of attention in recent years, especially among corporations and software developers. It has been described as a new advance of the internet and its connection to blockchain technology has made Web 3.0 even more attractive to the audience.

In this article we will attempt to decipher the meaning of Web 3.0 and its impact in today’s technology, allowing readers to take a glimpse into the future of this industry and maybe become part of the rapidly evolving field themselves.

Web 3.0 is one of the most rapidly evolving technologies of today and one of the most promising opportunities of tomorrow in the Web.

Evolution of web

Web 1.0 is a term used to describe earlier versions of the web industry, or the first “iteration”, as it is commonly referred to. Earlier Internet consisted mainly of static web pages that used hyperlinks, without the visuals and graphics that we are used to seeing today. Pages of the earlier Web were constructed using simple HTML code, creating static and plain content, until the Cascading Style Sheets known as CSS took over. It allowed web pages to cultivate their own more sophisticated look and feel. An interesting fact that may surprise many of the younger web users is that advertising was banned in Web 1.0.

Slowly, the Internet evolved to the so-called Web 2.0, and the use of Dynamic URLs took over, unraveling the potential of the web, allowing the display of constantly changing content over the use of databases, filling its content with automatically obtained components. That led to the age of the Cloud which gave users the ability to access software and resources directly over the internet. Another fundamental service that became available to the users of Web 2.0 is that of e-commerce. It may seem almost impossible for us now to live in a world where you cannot scroll through hundreds of stores, lying in your bed, and get everything at your door the next day. However, in the years of Web 1.0, a website of a store would simply represent a catalog of the available products and services or a simple ordering form.

Something that is probably even more difficult to imagine today’s world without, is social media. Even though it has not been around for too long, it has changed our daily lives in too many ways to be ignored even by the pickiest technophobes.  No matter if you use it to make your living, create content, scroll to your heart’s content, or just chat with your friends, it is impossible to deny that social media have offered an abundance of opportunities for everyone. However, even though Web 2.0 gives the opportunity to smaller companies to evolve, offering them access to a bigger audience, it is still the big companies that control the flow of the information and the users’ data.  

web 3.0

So where does Web 3.0 come in this story?

The advances in blockchain technology have allowed us to decentralize data by encrypting it and storing it using a network of computers, instead of it being stored in the servers of a large corporation. This architecture has allowed the creation of an additional security layer, since the data cannot be altered arbitrary, but only modified by the owner. This is done by examining if the data matches the copies stored across the network and if doesn’t, the data becomes invalid. This structure enables it to become permissionless, meaning that no permission is required to perform transactions by a third party. This ensures the security of the transactions and makes them trustworthy and transparent, enabling more and more corporations and companies to explore the possibilities of the blockchain industry. This makes it one of the most rapidly evolving technologies of today and one of the most promising opportunities of tomorrow in the Web.

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