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Isotopic on Polygon!

We recently announced the launch of our full Game Store coming in September 2023. Extremely proud to reveal that we are building our infrastructure for Game Distribution on Polygon!

With Polygon, we are able to ensure that buying a game on Isotopic is a seamless process with minimal fees on the end user, while also maintaining transaction speed and efficiency, on a widely adopted network.

Game Licenses 

Our distribution system uses the blockchain to ensure transparency, decentralization, and easy integration. This means that when you are buying a game you are basically minting an non-fungible token on the Polygon network behind the scenes.

This mechanic allows developers to take control of their game’s distribution, while the players have full ownership of their games, which can be traded, resold, or otherwise repurposed.

Isotopic on Polygon announcement
Supporting the Polygon ecosystem

Our aim is to not only build on top of Polygon, but to also support the gaming ecosystem that is already built. Collaborating with the Polygon team allows us to easily connect with games that are also building on Polygon, and support them through our Game Store.

The Isotopic Game Store

Isotopic is building the first Decentralized and Cross-Platform Game Store, which uses blockchain technologies for utility-driven causes, rather than profit.

Why and how we use the controversial technology that is the blockchain?

The platform, despite using these technologies is as accessible and easy to use as any other website. These elements are only used to add features that are either not possible without them, or not easy to implement in a secure fashion. 

Security, transparency, and efficiency – These are the reasons that we use the blockchain.

Isotopic Game Store Full Release
About Polygon Labs:

Polygon Labs develops Ethereum scaling solutions for Polygon protocols. Polygon Labs engages with other ecosystem developers to help make available scalable, affordable, secure and sustainable blockchain infrastructure for Web3.


Polygon Labs Logo for Isotopic collaboration announcement

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Isotopic is a new Open and Cross-Platform Game Store, hosting unlimited games and applications.

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