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Isotopic’s 2023 Journey: New Games and Partnerships

It’s been a busy month at ISOTOPIC!

Isotopic has been on a roll these past few months, forging new partnerships and adding amazing new games to our platform! We’re thrilled to share all the latest developments with you in this recap. From thrilling game additions to innovative collaborations, Isotopic has been working hard to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience for our users. So, buckle up and get ready to be blown away by what we’ve been up to!


In addition to these exciting partnerships and new game additions, the Isotopic team has been hard at work improving the overall platform experience. Recent updates have included enhanced user interface features and faster load times, ensuring a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for players. The team is also actively seeking feedback from the Isotopic community to continue improving and evolving the platform.


We are thrilled to be partnering up with 8.Finance which is an educational and marketing platform, helping to educate the world on the blockchain!

Via our collaboration, we published their game, “Snake for crypto” on the Isotopic Game Store and hosted AMAs on both communities. We are also planning to collaborate on marketing through the 8.Finance platform and other co-marketing initiatives.

isotopic game store 8finance partnership

Super excited to partner up with Midle!

Midle allows users to participate in “quests”, completing simple tasks and joining giveaways, earning crypto and other rewards!

Through our partnership, we will be able to use the Midle platform to create our own quests and further grow the Isotopic community.


We are very excited to announce our new partnership with INDIEPUMP, with the goal to accelerate the digital growth of our combined games!

INDIEPUMP is a marketing and PR Agency for IndieGame Devs, helping developers to promote their games through media relations and social media strategy.


isotopic game store indiepump partnership
Astra Nova

Astra Nova, the truly unique MetaRPG experience, now listed on ISOTOPIC Game Store! We are honored to partner with the lovely team of Astra Nova and feature their game!

In Astra Nova, you’ll step into an imaginative new MetaRPG world steeped in millennia of interplanetary lore. You’ll explore new and ruined worlds, collect modern materials, ancient artifacts, and long-lost magics, and use them to rebuild their societies, unite their civilization, and prepare to fight The Accretion.

Learn more about the Astra Nova game on ISOTOPIC website.


Delighted to partner with Xandar and meet the Xandarians! Xandar game is now listed on the Isotopic Game Store!

Xandar is a Play-To-Earn Adventure and Arena-based MMORPG where players are able to voyage into any realm of the Xandar metaverse in order to capture faunas and mint weaponry, allowing them to battle with multiplayer strategy in the arena of each respective realm, and get rewards in the form of NFTs and game tokens.

Quant Role Play

We are excited to empower the future of open-world games, and partner with our friends at Quant Role Play! Isotopic will host Quant RP once it launches, so stay tuned to be the first to play the game!

Quant Role Play is the premier metaverse role-playing game offering unparalleled immersion based on real-world processes with a combination of social and gaming mechanics. Visit the ISOTOPIC Marketplace and find all the information about the game!


Gotbit’s accelerator program will help to drive growth in the Isotopic ecosystem, by sharing their many years of experience in the industry and making sure Isotopic is on the right path to becoming the platform that will reshape and lead the GameFi scene.

isotopic game store gotbit partnership

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-Isotopic team

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