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Careers in Blockchain Gaming: Talent Influx and Industry Commitment

The fast-growing world of blockchain gaming has attracted a surge of talent in recent years. It is driven by increased funding and the launch of numerous exciting projects in 2022. This influx of professionals has been particularly fueled by the web2 gaming industry’s growing interest in blockchain gaming. As the industry expands, organizations of various sizes are entering the market. They are creating opportunities for both experienced individuals and newcomers. This article explores the trends in talent acquisition, career transitions, and the commitment of professionals within the blockchain gaming industry.

The blockchain gaming industry is experiencing a surge in talent, attracting professionals from various backgrounds and industries.

Growing Workforce and New Entrants:

According to a recent survey, the number of respondents from organizations with 51-100 employees increased by 30% compared to the previous year. Additionally, smaller organizations (with less than 51 employees) saw a 3.5% rise in respondents. The highest percentage of staff with tenure exceeding one year was found in companies with 51-100 employees. These numbers suggest the entry of new mid-sized organizations into the market. These trends indicate that the blockchain gaming industry is experiencing substantial growth. Moreover, they are attracting both established and emerging players.


Career Transitions and Diverse Backgrounds:

Nearly half of the respondents (49.9%) reported being with their current company for less than one year. Among these new hires or entrants to the market, a significant portion (31.2%) came directly from the gaming industry. This indicates a strong interest in transitioning to blockchain gaming. Other respondents came from diverse backgrounds, with professionals from the tech and marketing sectors making up 11.2% and 10.4% respectively. Additionally, 9.5% of respondents had prior experience in the blockchain industry before focusing on blockchain gaming. These career transitions bring a wealth of diverse skills and perspectives to the sector.


Notable Transitions from Web2 Leaders:

Prominent figures from the web2 gaming industry have made noteworthy transitions into blockchain gaming in 2022. Ryan Wyatt, former global head of gaming partnerships at YouTube, now serves as the CEO of Polygon Studios. Wyatt has forged innovative web3 partnerships with renowned brands like Starbucks, Disney+, Reddit, Adobe, the NFL, and Meta. Colin Brady, a former animator and film director for Pixar and Industrial Light & Magic, is now the Chief Creative and Technology Officer of AMGI Studios, contributing his expertise to the development of the flagship blockchain game, My Pet Hooligan. Gabriel Leydon, founder and former CEO of Machine Zone, has leveraged his two decades of web2 gaming experience to establish Limit Break. It is a blockchain gaming studio that has raised $200 million and aims to introduce groundbreaking models in the blockchain gaming market.


Commitment to the Industry:

An overwhelming majority of respondents (89.3%) expressed their intention to remain in the blockchain gaming industry for the next 12 months. They are demonstrating this way a strong commitment to the sector’s growth. Professionals working in smaller organizations (less than 10 employees) exhibited the highest commitment levels (92.4%), while commitment declined with the size of the organization. Even in the face of market downturns and prevalent FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt), 76% of respondents from organizations with over 250 employees expressed their dedication to building the blockchain gaming industry.

Among the organizations that professionals expressed their commitment to is Isotopic, a leading blockchain game platform. Isotopic has garnered significant attention for its innovative approach to blockchain gaming. Also, it empowers developers and creators to explore the potential of Web3. With a range of tools, services, and a dedicated community, Isotopic is at the forefront of driving the growth and development of the blockchain gaming industry. Professionals who are committed to the sector’s success are recognizing Isotopic as a key player in shaping the future of blockchain gaming.


Crypto Payments and Gender Diversity:

More than half of the respondents (55.9%) reported accepting at least a portion of their salary in cryptocurrency. This finding highlights the industry’s embrace of digital currencies for compensation. Interestingly, female respondents were more likely than their male counterparts to accept crypto payments. This observation emphasizes the industry’s commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion.



The blockchain gaming industry is experiencing a surge in talent, attracting professionals from various backgrounds and industries. Furthermore, with the entry of web2 gaming leaders, such as Isotopic, a prominent blockchain game platform, the future of blockchain gaming appears promising. These platforms, including Isotopic, empower developers to harness the potential of Web3. They provide a range of tools and services to create, monetize, and distribute games with ease. This innovation in the industry is driving the continuous influx of professionals and the launch of various exciting projects. Notably, this influx is primarily fueled by the growing interest in blockchain gaming within the web2 gaming industry. As the industry expands, organizations of various sizes are entering the market, creating ample opportunities for experienced individuals and newcomers alike. The trends in talent acquisition, career transitions, and professional commitment highlighted in this article underscore the dynamic nature of the blockchain gaming industry.

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