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Isotopic One-Click Publisher

Announcing One-Click Publishing through Unity Editor

We are happy to announce that we have been working on the Isotopic SDKs, and are proud to announce the release of our first installation for the Unity Engine, which brings the ability to easily publish your games to the Isotopic Game Store, from inside the Unity Editor.

You can download our Unity Package which includes the both the capability of manually uploading through a simple interface, and the ability to integrate the C# API in your own building process.

Publishing to the Isotopic Game Store through Unity
Setup Guide
  1. Download the .unitypackage by clicking this link.
  2. Import the package in your Unity Project.
  3. On the toolbar, select Window > Isotopic > Publishing to open the window.
  4. Click “Add/Edit Isotopic User”, which will highlight the config asset.
  5. On the Isotopic Config asset, enter your Isotopic account and app details (if you haven’t already, sign up through and create your first app on the website)
  6. Head back to the Isotopic Publisher window, and depending on if your build is already zipped or not, enable/disable the “Build Zipped Already?” option.
  7. Select the path(s) asked for your build.
  8. Click “Publish to Isotopic”, and read the progress on the console below.

To upload a new version, you can repeat the process of setting the build paths, and click the Publish button again.


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