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Bloody Winter Tournament

Bloody Christmas on Isotopic

Only a few days before Christmas, the holiday season has surely entered our daily lives, with Christmas decorations, ugly sweaters, and very cold weather all around the world!

At such a special time of the year comes a very special event on Isotopic. We are happy to announce our latest game production that will add some action to your screens, “Bloody Winter”!

In this intense multiplayer FPS game, players are dropped into a dark and foggy forest map where visibility is limited. To survive, players must navigate the map and take out their opponents using their weapons and quick thinking. However, players must also be careful not to get shot, as every time they are hit, they will leave a trail of blood behind them that can be tracked by their enemies. With a multiplayer free-for-all format and equal weapon loadouts for all players, this game promises fast-paced, strategic gameplay.

Bloody Winter FPS view

On the launch of this game, we will be hosting an in-game tournament where the player to win on this single-elimination bracket will earn three months of discord Nitro Basic, and the second place one month.

This will be hosted on our discord server on the main event stage channel, and we will be happy to meet the community and chat while playing the game!

The finals of the tournament will be recorded and later uploaded to our YouTube channel.

The tournament will take place on the 30th of December! Vote what time you will be able to play at through this strawpoll

The Isotopic Team wishes you happy holidays!

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