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AiliA: A Game Where Reflections are Made Real

Following Ail, a girl who is seemingly lost in a strange world, this game will take you on a journey, facing and playing with mirrors and reflections as you travel through the maze, while trying to solve puzzles and help Ail find her way home.

Whether you are looking for a casual, relaxing experience, or a mind-bending puzzling adventure, AiliA is surely to deliver captivating and unique gameplay that you will remember.

Gameplay picture from AiliA
Unique Gameplay

Navigate through 7 completely unique worlds, inspired by Chinese mythology. Use mirrors to your advantage, by passing through their surfaces, and by using your own reflection to interact with the world.

The game offers over 70 puzzles, handcrafted to tailor a captivating experience, while an emotional, original soundtrack featuring traditional Chinese instruments is playing on the background.

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Enjoy the stunningly beautiful world of AiliA, and explore the mind-bending puzzles of the maze, by getting the FREE demo of the game, on Isotopic!

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