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Welcome to the 1st ISOTOPIC Game Competition!

isotopic game competition submit your game

Isotopic is a new game and app distribution platform targeted for indie developers.
We are inviting you to be among the first developers to publish their games on the Isotopic Blockchain App Distribution platform and get a chance to win $100 along with other unique benefits! Our goal is to bring closer the community of indie developers and have fun.

Submit your games until November 30, 2022, and get the chance to get rewarded.

        • Challenge your creativity
        • Grow your audience
        • Connect with the community
        • Win unique prizes
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Here are the relevant deadlines for the 2022 event:

15 November 2022

     Submissions Open

30 November 2022

    Submission Deadline and Voting Start

15 December 2022

   Voting End, Winner Announcement

Who can participate

Anyone can enter the competition! You can work alone or in a team. The submitted game does not need to be complicated, and does not have to fit into a theme, just make sure it is catchy and fun to play!


          • You can use any theme or style you like
          • Game build can be either downloadable or WebGL
          • You can use any assets and code that you are legally allowed to use (Give appropriate credit if said asset requires to do so)
          • No NSFW or offensive material allowed (No nudity or display of sexual activities)
          • Your submission can be taken down, if the moderators find it inappropriate for the store
          • Games will be published on the store and will stay up after the competition ends.
          • All games must be free-to-play, without any paywalls.

If your game is not complete until the submission deadline, you can still submit it including a description, gameplay images/videos and any other material that is completed.

You can have multiple submissions, but will only get rewarded for one of them if you win.


          • Join our Discord Community
          • Use any finished game you own or create a new one
          • Create your game’s page on Isotopic
          • After the submission, your game will be available to play for free on the Isotopic store. Everyone will be able to play and vote for their favorite one, including you!


At the end of the voting period, the game with the best rating on its game page will be the main winner.

In case if two or more games will finish with the same rating, a new voting round will be announced for these specific games.


First place will win 100 EUR, which will be sent either via PayPal, or with a giftcard of your choice, after discussion.

The top three games will also win 50 USD in game-store credit each, which the winners will be able to redeem once the platform fully launches next year.

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