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Leptons VR

First of its kind, an immersive multiplayer Virtual Reality PVP game featuring fast-paced close-quarters combat.

Customize your character and arsenal with NFT weapons, skins and other items. Compete against other players in real time multiplayer battles.

Compete against other players in real time multiplayer battles.

Dive in the world of virtual reality with the latest immersive technology. Play and experience to the fullest.
All items, skins and weapons are non-fungible tokens that you can take with you to other games in our platform, trade or exchange with other players, and create a unique collection.
Create your own unique character, with appearance and skills of your choice. Play, join events and competitions and obtain items to customize your gaming experience.

⫸ Built using Unity Engine our game employs all the latest technologies and allow players to experience a unique game immersion.

⫸ Proximity voice-chat allows for realistic communication in game.

⫸ Game modes : training, casual multiplayer, competitive

⫸ Vast variety of environments with unique mechanics.

⫸ Unique ranking and skill system

⫸ Teams and guilds with special events and rewards

⫸ Events and competitions

⫸ Choose your skills and build your own game experience

⫸ Action-Packed Duels

⫸ Beautiful Battle Arenas

⫸ Friendly Community

⫸ Competitive Seasons and Events

⫸ Oculus Quest 1/2/3 VR headsets

Dive into the new world of adventure and find your  own path